• About AW Interactive

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    AW Interactive LLC was founded in 2019 by Arturo Williams. The studio was formed for the development of a digital brand and gaming series with a bias for creativity within the African context! Our vision is to entertain, inspire, inform and mould the mind of the larger society through creative works using the basic skills of powerful narratives, strong characterization and captivating art.

    With over 20 years experience in software development and programming, the company seeks to expand that expertise into the area of 2D animation to develop quality games, animated series and interective experiences.

    We hope you enjoy your time here and will check out all of our projects.

  • What is our Mission?

    AW Interactive was started for the SOLE purpose of promoting positive imagery of African-Americans across various digital platforms.

    AW Interactive is a digital technology company focused on making innovative and artistic media, games, and other forms of entertainment—with an emphasis on a Afro-Futuristic themes.

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  • Our Philosophy

    AW Interactive was founded with the goal to create media that we ourselves would like to see. We do not restrict our development to any specific genre or platform. We believe everything is acheivable through hard work, modesty and cooperation.

    Above All, if we think it will be fun, we will build it!

  • Our Partners

    AW Interactive works with a small group of talented programmers, artists, musicians and designers to bring our ideas to life.

    We currently work with Kara Kaizan for all of our music composition and sound design.

    We currently work with Kaspvr to collaborate on our visual artwork and concept designs.

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